About 24 Hour Gym Port Townsend

Our Facilities

• Treadmills  |  Elliptical Cross-Trainer
• Rowing Machines  |  Stationary Bikes
• Free Weights  |  Weight Machines
• Heavy Bag  |  Speed Bag  |  Crazy Bag
• One-on-One and Group Training
• Step, Body Sculpt, Cardio Pump Classes
• Stability Ball Classes  |  Core Circuit


Safe workouts with experienced personnel.

Reality Training

At 24 Hour Gym Port Townsend, we teach REALITY TRAINING. Our system improves health, performance, and reduces injuries. Calculating the progressive resistance best for your body, we address the forces affecting physiology, including both gravity and the torque produced by movement.


We address the needs and desires of each individual that we train, including:
Post Re-hab Recovering from injury or surgery.
Basic Conditioning Recovering from inactivity.
Advanced Conditioning Preparing for competitive sports or extreme workplace conditions.
Weight Gain Bodybuilding and food choices.
Weight Loss Calorie burning and food choices.


We teach what has always worked and still works.
Ask our clients. We're different.